I’m a writer and editor at heart. Recently, I expanded my repertoire to include both directing and producing.

Film, TV & VOD
Fiction – ProseFiction – Comics
Journalism & Non-Fiction


Film, TV & VOD

“Two Angels, One Cup of Coffee” (Short film, 2019) – Director & Producer
Coffee Time With Satan (YouTube series, 2018-present) – Writer

Amy R. Zunk - Fiction (Prose)

Vinnie & Mook – Family and Fiends; Vinnie & Mook – Hit Men for Horror; and The Dark and Stormy Night

Fiction – Prose

Chavela, Chocolate and Cthluthu by Mitch Hyman and Adalisa Zarate

Vinnie & Mook Series by Mitch Hyman
Vinnie & Mook – Family and Fiends (Book 2, 2018) – Editor
Vinnie & Mook – Hit Men for Horror (Book 1, 2017) – Editor 

The Dark and Stormy Night: A Blind Round Robin Story
by the Dark Alley Crew Writers Group (2017) – Editor

The House on the Corner by J. Sean Collins (2020) – Editor

Amy R. Zunk - Fiction (Comics)

Dream Keeper Robin, Building Blocks, and Gradients.

Fiction – Comics

Dream Keeper Robin by Adalisa Zarate (Webcomic, 2017-ongoing) – Editor
Gradients by Adalisa Zarate (Webcomic, 2018-ongoing) – Editor
Building Blocks by Adalisa Zarate (Webcomic, 2019-ongoing) – Editor
Traveling Seers by Adalisa Zarate (Webcomic, 2019-ongoing) – Editor

Journalism & Non-Fiction

GadgetMe Magazine
Managing Editor & Writer

Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine
Contributing Writer
Judge & Board of Experts (2004-2008)

Senior Writer/Reviewer & Columnist (“Backwards and in 4-Inch Heels”)
• Complete archive of work
“Mini Review: Give Me Too”
“Backwards and in 4-Inch Heels: Has the Work Ethic Gone South?”

Newsforge.com, Slashdot.org, Notebooks.com
Contributing Writer
• Complete archive of work at Notebooks.com

Anime Insider
Contributor (article on Fist of the North Star, plus convention reports)

The Guide to Digital Television (1st and 2nd Editions) – Editor